2016 Kaine-Pence Vice-Presidential-Candidates Debate Analysis

SEVERAL POINTS CAN BE MADE after quasi-watching most of the televised debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence polluted by the presence of feminist interrogator Elaine Whoever:

1. Thank God that I had a mute button on my TV's remote control device and that I was alone when watching the debate, enabling me to significantly silence impositions of the disgusting feminist voice of Ms Elaine when she noxiously and frequently butted in interrupting both Kaine and Pence. And thank the Lord that I did not have to look at her much on the TV screen when the camera man panned toward her.

2. Mr Kaine is no clown (despite that term I had previously labeled him with in one of my web comments).

For the most part, Kaine gave surprisingly sensible, imaginative, and logical statements relating to the topics and issues discussed. To a large extent, he obviously was an admirably concerned, thoughtful, and courteous listener - though I sense he was incited to rudely and senselessly butt in and interrupt almost as much as both Pence and Elaine - not allowing Pence to finish what he had to say.

To hear his profession of Catholic faith was, to say the least, laudably refreshing, especially when he properly (and Scripturally) qualified what many in the Catholic church have a serious doctrinal problem with, which is contained in the buzzword "pro-life" when it comes into conflict with lawfully, needfully, and actually executing jury-condemned heinous criminals deserving death.

His remark relating to the New-Testament-recorded words of Jesus ("You brood of vipers! how can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" of Matthew 12:34) warmed the proverbial cockles of my proverbial heart, but it was exclusively or only with reference to boastful-big-mouth promise-the-world-rhetoric Donald Trump's many published flagrant and extreme-sounding exclamations and promises.

Lamentably, he did piecemeal some of Trump's comments in a despicably-overbroad, quasi-exaggerated, and one-sided way at times.

3. Kaine wrongly credited Hillary Clinton for her get-them-all-together-in-unity non-realistic foreign policy (with her [hypocritically?] taking money from those arabs and others having diametrically-opposite views against feminist sexist chauvinists and their decadent misuse against constitutional freedom here in America) as to her "Russian Restart" which culminated in Putin and associates invading Ukraine and Crimea, besides (and thankfully, I would add) militarily aiding the stabilizing Syrian regime of Assad against ISIS-type rebels...and her allegedly preventing the anti-female-immodesty, anti-feminists, and anti-homosexuals Torah-like-strict sharia-morality government of Iran from developing nuclear weapons (regardless of his claim that some renegade jew agreed with that presumption). He failed to mention that she, to a large part, was conspirator with Barack Obama in destabilizing both Egypt (under Mubarak) and Libya (under Gaddafi).

4. Kaine erroneously implied that Hillary was innocent concerning her irresponsibly e-mailing national security messages because the State Department and FBI did not bring charges against her concerning all that, nor did he point out her lying anti-Mohammad-video diversionary explanation about the cause for the attack in Benghazi. He did not allude to the body-bag count of mysterious deaths associated with the rise to power of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

5. On the subject of abortion (which I was eager to listen to), he was deplorable when he referred to murdering innocent eternal-souls-possessing human womb babies (NOT mere "fetal tissue") as "reproductive" choice, and repeatedly asserted that infanticide-intentioned women could and should "decide for themselves" pertaining to the so-called "right" to commit such extinction-headed anti-reproductive womb-baby murders involving the choice and the decision of the Creator and not perhaps-fornicated-or-adulterous kill-for-convenience parents-to-be to perform the miracle of child conception, thus attempting to abrogate the necessity for such women to submit to the godly jurisdiction of non-anti-social common-sense moral and Biblically-based civil law. Such is reminiscent of Eve in the primal Garden of Eden who similarly made the wrong choice in terms of in fact disobeying God's Prime Directive to not eat the Lethal Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

6. Overall, Kaine clearly revealed that the Democrat Party made a serious and perhaps fatal mistake by not selecting him as their Presidential-nominee candidate (even more than ranting but notable and interesting jewish socialist Bernie Sanders but also not much-healthier Elizabeth Warren nor Feinstein nor Murray nor Boxer nor even Fiorina) rather than pro-homogay-voting-record, zealot-feminist-craving-power, tipsy-and-coughing Hillary Clinton -- and he both vainly and pathetically did his worst to puff and promote her while demeaning politically-inexperienced, honest, frank, and sensible but brash-at-times playboy-past Donald Trump.

7. The debate was both enlightening and also rather edifying, but the reader should remember the bottom line when it comes to deciding who to vote for in November of 2016 involving such anti-women-in-charge Biblical imperatives and patriarchal inferences as Leviticus 27:1-5, Numbers 30, Ecclesiastes 7:26-28, Isaiah 3:12, Nahum 3:13, First Corinthians 11:1-16 and 14:33-38, First Timothy 2:8-15 and First Peter 3:7, in context and rightly interpreted.