Less Kids

Voodoo spin for voter sway
Self-deluded, homogay;
Twist the facts, exaggerate,
Hateful lies pontificate.

Tax the rich to fund the dole
Pump the paychecks down the hole.
Wasting wealth he claimed to save
Not for health but for the grave.

Women blatter, bratkids shriek
Forcing all up feces creek.

Mopheads flaunt their loose long hair
Arms and legs they lewdly bare;
And in flipflops soxless feet
Impudently strut the street.

Crave to snuff the innocent
Slaves to "reproductive" freedom bent;
Giving women "choice" they claim
Moms with womb babes cruelly maim.

Pseudo-science myths enforce
Evolutionary tripe of course.

Nitpick Donald and Pence too
Don't forget Israeli Jew.
Middle name Hussein foretell
Holocaust and final Hell.

They did it again. Accursedly so.

During the Third Presidential Debate in October of 2016, scared-of-feminists Wallace asked whether Trump supported abortion "RIGHTS."

And the bottom-of-screen caption on FOX also read: "Abortion RIGHTS."

There CLEARLY is NO "right" to murderously manslaughter womb babes, nor has there EVER been such a "right" -- even in the humanly-and-not-Divinely-changeably-"legal" sense, because whereas deliberate extinction-headed homicide or partial suicide against onesself by killing of one's own offspring cannot be prevented nor stopped by those hell-bent on committing such atrocities, and the punishment of childlessness is also rightful let-the-filthy-still-be-filthy retribution against deviates who allow abortion on themselves and against those who do it to those who they commit (NOT "perform") abortion on, the independent well-being survival of the womb babe himself or herself is involved (in spite of the dehumanizing and anti-humanizing term: "fetal tissue" or "fetus" imposed by diabolical irrationalizers wrongly manipulating actual-parenthood conceptual ideology with anti-reproductive weaselword satanspeak.).

NO criminal nor sinful act can EVER be misnamed a "right." Rape is never a "right." Stealing is never a "right." Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is never a "right" nor is striking one's own father or mother a "right" nor willfully smashing into some car on the freeway a "right."

Both Wallace and the caption instead SHOULD have been: "Abortion CHOICE." NOT: "Rights."

Simple replacement - but a vital and necessary change to correct devastatingly-destructive woefully-errant semanatics!

And Trump (obviously to be supported instead of Heinous-and-Hateful Hillary Clinton) used another incorrect and typically "catholic" term: "pro-life" instead of: "anti-abortion-choice" with the same type of fearful cowardice that he exhibited when he caved in to purporting that the lying and social-issues-deviant nigroid Obama was born in the United States (when numerous hotlinks in http://layleftlayrite.tripod.com and elsewhere on the internet assuredly prove otherwise...which proof referred to by those hotlinks is indeed honest and believable and NOT deceptively dishonest nor fraudulent "racist conspiracy theory").

The Biblically-oriented MUST of necessity NOT be pro-life but instead be ANTI-ABORTION -- being that throughout both the Old Testament and even in the New legitimate death-penalty executions, against those in fact deserving such, are understandably mandated, historically recorded, and prophesied (with, of course, "due process" or at least "due warning").

But should individuals be prevented from terminating their own lives themselves? Everyone gradually does it anyway, voluntarily inhaling noxious environmental gases from all types of polluters and ingesting food and drink poisoned to various extents and in various ways by defiant wayward humans.

Should the dying be required to and FORCED to continue painfully living on with artificial life support in hospice, especially if Medicare is no longer willing to pay for that?

IF such forced life-support is withheld from them with the naturally-dying-person's CONSCIOUS CONSENT, should the sympathetic caring ones accommodating to such a person's God-allowed desire be held criminally guilty of "assisted suicide?"

The answer should be obvious, which is: NO: such so-called "deprivers" of needless prolonged "care" (quote unquote) should NOT be held guilty of conspiring to commit "assisted suicide." Do-all-they-can-within-reason hospice personnel should NOT be sadistically mis-called: "deprivers" but instead termed: "providers" or "enablers."

However, to advocate or "assist" someone to die who has a REASONABLE hope of being rejuvenated, being healed, getting better, recuperating, etc. is clearly against the Scriptural command to: "Choose life, not death, and live. Why will you die, O house of Israel."

HAVE the recorded numbers of abortions committed (NOT "performed" or even "done") ACTUALLY gone down SOMEWHAT recently?

If so, what are the causes?

The warm-weather immodesty of the immoral majority has certainly not lessened misbehavior resulting in abortion homicides, and even if there are increasing numbers of finally-sensible girls and women who are more (and, beyond that: ACCEPTABLY) modest in general both-genders public view, the possibly-fewer "bad apples" who still and yet flaunt indecent loose-long-haired/non-ponytailed-nor-chignoned mopheadedness, naked sleevesless arms, nude slacksless legs, and sockless feet in sandals yet incite boys and men to prematurely and irresponsibly react lustfully (whether dramatically and obviously on the spot, or secretly later on) instead of patiently taking steps to maintain chastity while doing what it takes to honorably fulfull biological-clock and artificially-induced erotic fulfullment in State-marriage-licensed monogamous or non-State-registered concubinal matrimony (and we are not talking non-marital boyfriend-with-girlfriend live-in cohabitation here).

But, along with the numbers of abortions slightly decreasing, are the number of marriages also somewhat decreasing, and if so, what are the causes for that?

There are several factors:

1. the widespread advertisement for, availability, and use of contraceptive drugs and lesser successful use of conveniently-accessible condoms.

2. the increasing frequency of coitus interruptus during sexual intercourse, during which ejaculated semen is not deposited into the female's vagina, but instead squirted on other non-reproductive parts of her body (such as into her mouth, on her face, breasts, belly, butt, back, into her rectum, etc.)

3. the easy access to and utilization of internet pornography.

It is the latter one which comprises the lion's share of why both abortions and marriages are on the decline here in America (a lamentable phenomena not so much a factor in porn-suppressing modest-public-attire-required China, Middle Eastern countries, etc.).

One must not underestimate the vast extent of guys...expressing built-up sexual craving from non-asked-for visual observation of the substantial number of girls and women throughout the United States flaunting their immodest mopheadedness, sleevesless and/or slacksless nakedness, and semi-bare-footedness in general public view with somewhat-recently-"legal" impunity...resorting to intense relentless covert and non-admitted search for and lusting at readily-accessible-from-Google-keywords-searched-for, Web-based, hard-R-to-XXX, porno photos and videos (usually while inevitably engaging in simultaneous self-sodomizing masturbation culminating in wasteful energy-and-stamina-depleting ejaculation of semen where God did not and does not intend).

Why the substitutionary porn-utilizing sex not involving real and actual gals eagerly desiring and expecting real and actual guys soliciting real and actual sex from them (not to infer that there are not backpage.com-advertised expensive and possibly-diseased masseuse and escort harlots being advertised and utilized by a few guys who can afford them)?

Several things explain substitutionary recourse to porno imagery:

(1) No pregnancy is possible lusting at and with "birthday-suit"-naked images of friendly-faced porn models displayed in completely-free-and-without-cost internet photos and videos
(2) No VD or AIDS is possible with the "birthday-suit"-nude images of pretty-faced and shapely porn models in sharp-resolution true-color thumbnail-enlargeable internet photos and videos on the Web
(3) No sexist-feminist frigidity and arrogant insubordination ever occurs with always-willing-and-available never-sick-nor-handicapped porn models on the Web
(4) Anonymous and inexpensive encounters for all types of nude-model positionings and bodily-connection possibilities are the norm for porn search and discovery of a gallery/harem-type bevy of Web-based young-and-attractive porn models
(5) Blackmail consorting with porn images on the Web is not possible, contrary to what it would be with real women capriciously disgruntled and taking retributional legal actions
(6) The equivalent of separation or divorce is simply and non-expensively done by quick mouse-click image deletion off of hard drives or thumb drives with no reputational damage.
(7) The diversionary frustration and bother of raising mischievous, shrieking, crying, noisy, disruptively-embarrassing, pooping, pissing, vomiting, sassy, messy-to-feed, irritating, stinky, violence-threatening, injury-and-accident-prone, apprehension-and-worry-causing, only-momentarily-"cute," phenomenally-expensive kids is avoided by merely enjoying and satisfying onesself with the simplicity of porn-model pics and vids.

Certainly, much credit for the lessening of abortions has to be given to righteous anti-abortion special-interest morality groups and individual activists, especially those citing Scripture passages contextually and interpretively pertinent and applicable to disdaining and forbidding abortion homicide. The godly influence of mysteriously-deceased Supreme-Court-judge Scalia, hated by Sotomayor-type adversaries (some of that mindset who at least indirectly perhaps lethally poisoned Antonin but whose think-they-were-doing-right-when-they-were-doing-wrong backfired by Republicans now refusing to hear most of Obama's court nominees) played a part in somewhat thwarting abortionism.

Additionally, the silver lining of Obama (no thanks to him) bringing immigrant islamic burkas and hijabs into America has shown decadently-immodest american women how, even during warm weather, to be properly attired (a significant factor in preventing incitation to committing sexual immorality leading to abortion homicide) as decently-dressed muslim ladies are now engrained among them.

Even the demonic and racist network-news american media along with their gang of similarly-misminded televised hollywood shrills plus other patsies who presumed and yet presume that they, by themselves and for themselves, have acquired and yet acquire brownie points for entrance in Heaven by disciminating for blacks and pandering to Negroes with article and sound-byte reparations, have reported (with surprise as to opposite-reaction effect) the holy example of Middle Eastern countries essentially taking the public modesty and associated executionary imperatives of the Torah (though in Koranic form) literally and not figuratively, with church/synagogue/mosque morality certainly not separated per ACLU, AUSCS, PFAW, SPLC, HRC, nor FFRF defamation and censorhip shenanigans, and in the absence of aforementioned-sourced suppressive ridicule and harassment have, quasi-theocratically, firmly established religious dictates as one and the same with government edicts and regulations..

In conclusion, all the answers to eradicating extinction-headed sexual deviacies (e.g. atheism and agnosticism, evolutionary dehumanization, public immodesty, capriciously-frigid and non-submissive sexist feminism, fornication, adultery, self-sodomizing masturbation, effeminate and homosexual sodomy, venereal diseases, abortion, divorce, jealousy-based vandalism and murder, porn, absence of marriage-directed courtship involving live persons, lack of perpetuated geneologies) are found within the totality of the Old-and-New-Testament Sacred-66-books Christian Holy Bible.

It thus behooves the rational with common-sense cravings to read such and adjust their behavior accordingly, for their own benefit, that of others around them, and (most importantly) God's approval to avoid damnation.